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INN-FORM XL - Frequently Asked Questions

My INN-FORM XL is not posting calls to the PMS.   Return to Top
  • Is your cable plugged into the PMS?
  • Is your INN-FORM XL plugged into a power source? (You laugh but it happens.)
  • Is your INN-FORM XL printing calls?
  • Is your PBX putting out SMDR data?

Try putting the INN-FORM XL into mode 9 print a Program #32 and then make a test call, make sure that the test call is over the grace period. Once that is done you can use your manual, page 52 in the PDF, or page 43 of the paper manual to parse out the call and make sure every thing is where it needs to be.

My INN-FORM XL is not printing to my serial Printer.   Return to Top
  • Connect the Serial printer to the PBX, and make a test call.
  • The system should be setup so that it prints directly from the PBX to the Serial Printer.
  • If it doesn't print, check the settings on your printer (baud rate, parity, data, and stop bits).  These settings should match the settings from the PBX.
  • Are you now able to print reports? As a test, try printing a program 20 (it will contain some information for later use).
  • If it can print reports but it prints out garbled characters when a call comes through then it means that the PBX is setup with different settings from that of the printer (baud rate, parity, data, and stop bits). Find out what the settings are and if you can, change them on the PBX to match the printer.  
  • If you can't change the PBX settings then change the printer settings to match the PBX. Then change the settings in the INN-FORM XL to match. (use the table on page 36 of the paper manual or 45 of the PDF)
My INN-FORM XL is not printing to my parallel Printer.   Return to Top
  • Does the Printer work on a different computer and cable?
  • Does the Cable work on a different computer and printer?

My INN-FORM XL is not printing reports.    Return to Top

  • If the INN-FORM XL is connected to a Property Management System (PMS) then it will not print reports. The XL is designed to only print reports if it acts as a stand-alone system. The Non-PMS version will print a 4 line call record instead of a 1 line call record.

My INN-FORM XL will not stop buzzing at me.   Return to Top

  • Is there an error on the screen? If yes, follow the error prompt. If no, continue.
  • Unplug the cable going to the PMS.
  • Is it a Serial printer or a Parallel printer?
  • Go into MGMT. ACCESS, run a PROGRAM#33, SMDR# 18  there will be a number in Brackets
  • Example:  VALUE (0) ? _

My INN-FORM XL is not posting a test call.   Return to Top

  • Download the PMS/Call Accounting Interface test tool.
  • Remember that without an acknowledgement from the PMS the INN-FORM XL will not send information.
  • If using hyper terminal a "CTRL+F" with caps on will acknowledge the INN-FORM XL unless a custom setting is put in.

My INN-FORM XL is not charging for short calls.   Return to Top

What are all of the programs that I can run from my INN-FORM XL?  Return to Top

Not all programs are available with all units. But here is a complete list of the programs that Run on an INN-FORM XL.

Program # Program Name Page # in paper manual. Page # in INN-FORM XL with Reports paper manual.
Program 0 Simulated Test call 88  
Program 1 Fixed Rates 14 23
Program 2 Grace Periods and Threshold Billing 16  
Program 3 Cost Adjustments 18  
Program 4 Mark-Ups 19  
Program 5 Surcharges 20  
Program 6 Print No Charge Calls (Yes/No) 22  
Program 7 Print Audit Trail 22 24
Program 8 Store No Charge Calls 23 25
Program 9 Store Administrative Calls 23 26
Program 10 Programmable Parameters Report 23 26
Program 11 Set Default Programmable Parameters for Programs 1 through 9 24  
Program 12 Set Default Programmable Parameters for Everything that is not set by Program 11 (Except SMDR Data) 25  
Program 14 Set Top of Page 27  
Program 20 Print Status of Program 21 through Program 29 27 27
Program 21 Add/Change Administrative Extensions 28  
Program 22 New Interim Area Code 30  
Program 23 Add Exchange On Site 31  
Program 24 Program Trunk/Access Code On Site 32  
Program 26 "Lines/Page,  Lines to Tear Off, SMDR/Remote Port Baud Rate and AM/PM vs. Military Time." 34  
Program 27 The Universal Number Loop 38 28
Program 28 Automatic Printing and Clearing 38 31
Program 29 Multiple Levels Of Management Access *this is not available for a INN-FORM XL that is connected to a PMS.   34
Program 30 Download New Tariff Data Chip 38  
Program 32 Print List of Changeable SMDR Parameters and a Ruler Line 40  
Program 33 Set SMDR related Parameters. 41  
Program 88 Serial Loop Test 89  
Program 89 Remote Loop Test 90  
Program 248 Restore System Settings From Flash Data Chip. 44   
Program 842 Program Current System Settings to Flash Data Chip 45  
Program 1739 Erase Call Record Memory. 46 39

When I tried to do an update through the modem it took a long time and then I got a message that it failed.   Return to Top
  • This is most commonly caused by a call coming in during the upgrade. If this happens, wait until a later times in the day (when you have less calls) and try again.

I'm trying to print wake up calls and they are not printing.   Return to Top

There was a power outage/surge/brown out and now my INN-FORM XL only beeps at me.   Return to Top

  • Once you know that the other equipment on site is good there are 4 options.
  1. You can try to do a program 248 and see if that helps. (you might or might not be able to.)
  2. You can order a power supply. (It might be the power supply that went and the unit is still okay.)
  3. You can send it in for repair. (with the power supply. that way if we test it with the power supply and if the power supply or unit is  bad we can let you know.)
  4. You can order a replacement.
  • One of the other things to remember is a surge could come from anywhere. (PMS, printer, PBX, power supply.) It might cook a component inside the INN-FORM XL and the other components could be okay. (Example: Burn out a MAX232 chip and leave the rest of the system okay.)

The call record that is printing is showing the wrong...   Return to Top

  • In the example above, each cell (i.e. row and column) represents a different setting or character in the INN-FORM XL.
  • For example, cell 3 contains the position for the hours field and cell 25 identifies the position for the incoming call indicator.
  • These cells can be interpreted using the following chart:
    • Cell 2 (row 1, column 2) = Length of hours field.
    • Cell 3 (row 1, column 3) = Position of hours field.
    • Cell 4 (row 1, column 4) = Length of minutes field.
    • Cell 5 (row 1, column 5) = Position of minutes field.
    • Cell 6 (row 1, column 6) = Length of seconds field.
    • Cell 7 (row 1, column 7) = Position of seconds field.
    • Cell 8 (row 1, column 8) = Length of tenths of minutes field.
    • Cell 9 (row 1, column 9) = Position of tenths of minutes field.
    • Cell 10 (row 1, column 10) = Length of phone number field.
    • Cell 11 (row 2, column 1) = Position of phone number field.
    • Cell 12 (row 2, column 2) = Length of extension field.
    • Cell 13 (row 2, column 3) = Position of extension field.
    • Cell 14 (row 2, column 4) = Length of Trunk field.
    • Cell 15 (row 2, column 5) = Position of Trunk field.
    • Cell 18 (row 2, column 8) = Attached Printer Type (0=Parallel, 1=Serial Printer).
    • Cell 19 (row 2, column 9) = Internal Modem Enable.
    • Cell 22 (row 3, column 2) = Length of access code field if #24 is false.
    • Cell 23 (row 3, column 3) = Position of access code field if #24 is false.
    • Cell 24 (row 3, column 4) = Access code is part of the phone number (0=false, 1=true).
    • Cell 25 (row 3, column 5) = Position of Checking Field 0 (incoming call indicator, if used).
    • Cell 26 (row 3, column 6) = Position of Checking Field 1 (valid call indicator, 0=don't care).
    • Cell 27 (row 3, column 7) = Position of Checking Field 2 (valid call indicator, 0=don't care).
    • Cell 28 (row 3, column 8) = Position of Checking Field 3 (1st line of 2-line call record indicator).
    • Cell 29 (row 3, column 9) = Character (ASCII value) for Checking Field 0.
    • Cell 30 (row 3, column 10) = Character (ASCII value) for Checking Field 1.
    • Cell 31 (row 4, column 1) = Character (ASCII value) for Checking Field 2.
    • Cell 32 (row 4, column 2) = Character (ASCII value) for Checking Field 3.
    • Cell 33 (row 4, column 3) = Print to remote port indicator (1=true, 0=Use attached Printer).
    • Cell 34 (row 4, column 4) = Remote port acknowledge character (ACK).
    • Cell 35 (row 4, column 5) = Remote port non-acknowledge character (NAK).
    • Cell 36 (row 4, column 6) = Difference (+ or ?) from start time to end time (0=use duration field).
    • Cell 38 (row 4, column 8) = 24 hour (instead of 12 hour) format indicator if #36 not 0 (0=12hour).
    • Cell 39 (row 4, column 9) = Number of spaces between each Audit Trail line.
    • Cell 43 (row 5, column 3) = Position of extension field for incoming call (when #29 is found).
    • Cell 44 (row 5, column 4) = Position of Trunk field for incoming call (when #29 is found).
    • Cell 45 (row 5, column 5) = Position of extension field used for transfers (if 0 is read, use #13).
    • Cell 46 (row 5, column 6) = "011+" calls are not operator-assisted indicator (0=operator-assisted, 1 or 255=not operator-assisted).
    • Cell 47 (row 5, column 7) = Serial protocol value, number of data bits (7 or 8), parity (Odd, Even, or None) and number of stop bits (1 or 2). See Figure 8 below for some common values.
  • When troubleshooting, you can use the number bar as a ruler to help find the position of any given field, such as the duration or phone number. The example below illustrates this principle.

  • By making a test call, you can see a sample call record from your system. Use the number bar to identify the position of each character.
  • In the illustration above, there is a ":" in position 2. By looking at the Program 32 (cell 25) we know that the incoming call indicator is located at position 2. Cell 29 identifies which character we are looking for. In this case it is looking for ASCII character #58 or a colon. In other words, if position 2 is a ":" then the call is an incoming call. To see a ASCII character chart click here.
  • You can also gain valuable insight into the system settings by looking at other cells in the Program 32 report.
    • For example, we know that the system is set for Parallel printing because it shows a 0 in cell 18 (row 2, column 8).
    • We also know that it is going to print to the printer and not the remote port (cell 33).
    • The parity for the remote port and the SMDR/serial ports are 8N1 because cell 47 contains a -1 (see Figure 8)

Admin calls are posting to my PMS,  I want them to print but not post.   Return to Top

  • Verify that the extension is listed as an Admin extension. Admin extension should have a negative sign in front of them.
  • Program 20 will print out the list of admin extension.  (Example: 705-> -705 for Ext 705)

I'm looking for the documents that you had on the site before, where are they?   Return to Top

Installing Data & Firmware Chips


Reprogramming after Program 248


Setting Communication Parameters


The Low Memory Light


Memory Errors


Re-initialization Procedure


Ports OK Test


Automatic Multiple Reports


Basic Trouble Shooting


Spacing Audit Trail Lines


Explanation of Program 10


Adding a New Exchange


Remote Port Pin Out


Pricing Local Call


Setting the Operating Mode


Mode 9 & Checking Fields Bad


My INN-FORM XL is not.......   Return to Top
  • Sometimes if the INN-FORM XL is not working like it should, you will need to call in a technician.
  • They are going to have equipment that you might not keep onsite.  Or they might know how to do something that has not been made clear. (Changing settings on the PBX and printer come to mind.)
  • Also the INN-FORM XL manual has more information for you if you run into problems.

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