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Reliable Call Accounting Systems



Custom markups, surcharges, and grace periods



Automatic call posting to the Property Management System

Why TEL?

Since its inception in 1980, TEL electronics, inc. has installed nearly 50,000 call accounting systems in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. As a leader in the call accounting industry, TEL works with over 1,500 qualified resellers and dealers located throughout the nation to sell, support, and install TEL call accounting equipment.

TEL’s call accounting systems are trusted by and have been installed in almost all major hotel chains in operation today. TEL products are installed in Wyndham, Best Western, Choice, IHG, Hilton, Marriott, Carlson, and many other chains and independent hotels to help track and bill for guest phone calls.

Really Happy Users


“I have been a TEL user for many, many years. Your system works very, very well and I have standardized on the INN-FORM XL for all of my properties. The flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use makes the INN-FORM XL a sure win with my General Managers and Front Desk Personnel.  I appreciate that the INN-FORM XL is a stand-alone hardware unit, so I don’t have to worry about software changes, operating system changes or PC swap-outs. The INN-FORM XL works and works and works. I would recommend the INN-FORM XL for any property that wants a great system that will most likely outlast the next US President or two. Thank you TEL for providing such a great product for my properties.”

Chuck Everitt
Operations Manager
Ameritel Inns

TEL is used by 50,000+ hotels and businesses, the leader in the call accounting industry, a stable company, been around since 1980, approved by all major hotel chains, installed by 1,500+ dealers

TEL electronics, inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of hotel and business call accounting systems. TEL systems are approved by Choice Hotels, Best Western International, Hilton, Marriott, and many others.

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