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TEL is pleased to renew its TLC Commitment, based on TEL’s 38 years in designing and selling 50,000+ of the world’s best Call Accounting/Management Systems. TEL Systems, tested and proved widely, have now provided world-class service 24/365 for DECADES!

The “TLC Program” provides TEL’s Commitment for TOTAL LIFETIME CARE of your system! Renew your TLC Program to keep TLC benefits and guarantees in force:

  • FREE Annual Rate and Area Code-Exchange Updates
  • FREE System Software Upgrades (as available)
  • FREE Two Hours of Technical Support
  • A LIFETIME GUARANTEE for Current TLC Programs

TLC is of great value to you — and helps you protect and care for your TEL System. Values and savings more than pay for TLC costs, and you receive MUCH MORE than with other support or assurance plans, maintenance agreements or guarantees. TLC makes sense and cents — protects your investment and pays you back.

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