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Product Features Include...

  • Flexible onsite phone system and property management system interfaces
  • Runs on a server with the Property Management System (PMS) or on a local PC
  • Modular Systems – order only what you need: CP = Call Processing; PM = Property Management Interface; FD = Front Desk & Reports
  • 911, 311, and credit limit alarm
  • Start/End date or Start/End time for reports
  • Non-functioning printer alert
  • No SMDR activity – system check every 6 hours
  • Menu-driven operations
  • Warning and error messages
  • Rate information out-of-date alert
  • Printing of audit trail and testing data
  • Automatic reports daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Password protected
  • Exclusive department, extension group or call type options
  • Call charges (35 types), markups, surcharges, grace periods (6 types and percentage cost adjustments for different call types)
  • 800 number threshold and local call threshold billing
  • ON/OFF ability for Audit Trial, Print No-Cost Calls, Store No-Cost Calls
  • Turn alarm off, call memory initialization
  • Change/Add extensions, departments, trunk access codes, and cost center codes
  • Add area codes and exchanges
  • PMS customization. Management Access Setup
  • Wake-up call tracking
  • System initialization including time, date, and default parameters
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The INN-FORM PC is a popular and inexpensive many hotels and resorts
flexible and accurate options for hotel managers and staff.

“It is difficult to standardize on any product in a Membership organization such as Best Western International. TEL has been a BWI preferred call accounting provider for many years and for good reason. Please use me as a reference for any future TEL customer.”

Kathy Laughlin
Manager, Best Net Services
Best Western International


System Requirements

The INN-FORM PC is designed to run in the background of an existing computer or on a dedicated system. This software-based call accounting program allows the most flexibility for property managers and is compatible with WINDOWS 98, 2000, and XP.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 98/2000/XP or Windows 2000/XP Server
  • Additional 10 MB free hard drive space, with 40 MB preferred
  • 16 MB of RAM. More may be required for non-dedicated system running multiple applications
  • IFPC CP requires one serial port for SMDR in from phone system
  • IFPC PM requires one serial port for call record out to PM system
  • Remote access requires modem
  • Attached or networked printer for report output
  • Customized rates available upon request.

Call accounting software for hotels, such as the INN-FORM PC version 1.3 is a popular choice for many properties. This Windows-based call accounting software provides flexible and accurate call tracking and phone billing for hotel managers and staff.

The INN-FORM PC is designed to interface with most Property Managment Systems and to all major hotel PBX systems. It was designed to imitate the features of the INN-FORM Plus call accounting system, but in an easy-to-use software format.

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