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A Friend that Helps the INN-FORM XL Do MORE and Do It BETTER

Extending XL BENEFITS!!

If you’ve used a TEL product before, you know all about:

  • Easy product installs, programming and use;
  • Long and near indestructible product lives;
  • High product Return on Investment (“ROI”);
  • Rare need for product support or service; and
  • Seamless PMS and PBX Interfaces.

The XL-Buddy family was designed with the same skills as products and processes you have depended upon for years (even decades). If it’s time, buy a new XL and an XL-Buddy! Or, keep your XL and improve it with an XL-Buddy. You can’t go wrong with XL-Buddy – your INN-FORM XL (and GM) will thank you for using it!!

XL-Buddy, Best Friend of both INN-FORM XLs and Managers:

  1. Replaces XL printers;
  2. Sends emails/texts for alarms;
  3. Sends data to one or many parties;
  4. Sends data via your Wi-Fi and email;
  5. Allows TEL techs to “remote in” to help;
  6. Stores much more XL phone data, if needed;
  7. Checks illegal/inappropriate calls – help police; and
  8. Future upgrades/versions of XL-Buddy are planned to do much more!
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