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Product Features Include...

  • Automatic call posting to the Property Management System and internal storage of calls
  • Real-time call costing and reporting
  • Trunk reporting capabilities
  • Custom markups, surcharges, and grace periods for different call types
  • Easy install and use (rates and settings are set before delivery)
  • Management password protection
  • Business features, including department allocation (gift shop, restaurant, etc.)
  • Department and cost center options
  • Flexible property management system interfaces (HX/HB/MR)
  • Compatible with all major hotel PBX systems
  • Includes customized tariff data from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint
  • Threshold billing for 8xx and local calls
  • 911, 311, and credit limit alarms
  • Current call reports
  • Change/add guest administrative extensions
  • Parallel printer capabilities
  • 30 minutes free technical support
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
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The INN-FORM Plus allows managers to allocate telecom expenses by specific cost centers, such as restaurants or gift shops. It interfaces to all major hotel PBX systems and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


“It is often difficult to standardize on any product for all properties due to the range in size & needs! However, TEL’s INN-FORM PLUS gives us the features we need for our largest properties while still being economical for even our smallest properties and your service has impressed us the most!”

Michael McKnight
Property Systems Manager
Westlodge Hospitality

The INN-FORM PLUS call accounting system is the “Big Brother” to the INN-FORM XL and is designed to interface to most property management systems as well as store calls in its own memory for Property Management System backup and customized reporting.

The INN-FORM Plus call tracking system can store up to 60,000 call records and can be interfaced to a property management system to store an infinite number of records. This system can be interfaced to any telephone system which generates SMDR.

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