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Call Accounting for Attorneys and Law Firms

Attorneys and Law Firms use call accounting systems to allocate phone expenses to specific clients, document and store critical call data, and to reduce overall telecom expenses. By using products such as the WIN-SENSE 32, law firms can cut telecom expenses by as much as 35%!

Law Firms can…

  • Bill clients for phone consultations and services
  • Generate revenue with custom surcharges and markups
  • Record calls in real-time
  • Open reports in Excel
  • Allocate telecom expenses
  • Decrease phone abuse
  • Eliminate toll fraud
  • Optimize phone system performance

Track and Bill Clients for Phone Use

Law Firms need to accurately track and bill clients for phone consultations and services. The WIN-SENSE 32 gives attorneys the ability to quickly allocate phone costs by a specific phone number or account code. Firms can easily setup surcharges and mark-ups for each client, giving them the ability to recover telecommunication costs and generate revenue at the same time.

Document and Store Critical Call Data

TEL’s call accounting system will document and store all incoming and outgoing call records received by the law firm. Using these records, law firms can quickly verify client charge backs and can present clear documentation for financial audits.

Because all phone calls are recorded in real-time, firms can produce custom reports as needed. These reports can be printed, e-mailed, or saved for future reference. Phone accounting reports can also be opened with third-party software programs, such as Excel or legal billing software for invoicing and billing purposes.

Reduce Telecommunication Costs

The WIN-SENSE 32 call accounting software can help lower telecommunication costs by allocating telecom expenses, eliminating billing errors, decreasing phone abuse and toll fraud, and optimizing phone system performance.

By allocating telecom expenses, law firms can help control costs by setting budgets for each department or extension. As these budgets are enforced, law firms will see significant telecom savings. Because the WIN-SENSE 32 tracks all phone calls being made to and from the office, firms will no longer have to manually enter call information and thus eliminate manual billing errors.

Firms can also save money by decreasing phone abuse and toll fraud by monitoring where and when calls are being made. The WIN-SENSE 32 call tracking software allows organizations to sort information by call types, including information calls, 900 calls, operator assisted calls, and excessive long distance calls. Cutting down on phone abuse and toll fraud could save an organization hundreds of dollars each month.

Law firms can further cut expenses with their call logging software by having their phone systems optimally trunked. If a company has too many trunks, they are overpaying, if they have too few, they may be losing customers. Trunk analysis reports can help firms analyze current and future telephone needs, and as a result keep phone systems performing at their best.

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