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Call Accounting Software for Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Facilities

With increasing costs and more competition, hospitals and clinics must find new ways to save money and increase revenues. By using call accounting software to accurately bill clients for phone usage, allocate costs, and decrease phone abuse, health care professionals can lower telecommunication expenses and be more attentive to patient needs.

Health Care Professionals can…

  • Bill patients for phone usage
  • Be alerted when emergency calls are made
  • Allocate expenses by department or doctor
  • Open reports in Excel
  • Receive automatic reports via email
  • Identify threatening or harassing phone calls
  • Track calling patterns
  • Optimize phone system performance
  • Decrease phone abuse
  • Eliminate toll fraud
  • Track phone usage for research grants

Bill Back Patients for Phone Usage

Health care professionals need to accurately track and bill patients for phone usage. The WIN-SENSE 32 gives staff members the ability to quickly allocate phone costs by a specific phone number, extension, or account code. With TEL’s call tracking software, hospitals and clinics can easily setup surcharges and mark-ups for patients, enabling them to recover telecommunication costs and generate additional revenue at the same time. Reports can be exported to 3rd party software programs for easy billing and invoicing. Automatic reports and entries can also decrease billing errors and as a result save even more money for the organization.

Notify Staff of Emergencies

Occasionally staff members may need to identify threatening or harassing callers to help protect their patients and themselves. With the WIN-SENSE 32, health care professionals can quickly isolate situations by looking at detail extension reports that show the number and time of all calls made to and from the hospital or clinic.

Call accounting alarms can be setup to alert staff when emergency calls, such as 911 or police numbers, are made from the health care facility. Emergency and custom alerts can be set to sound, display, and/or e-mail notifications to authority figures.

Allocate and Track Telecom Expenses by Department, Extension, or Account Code

Doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals will often share a single office, requiring that expenses be billed individually to each professional. Hospitals also need to allocate expenses to their various apartments in order to create budgets and manage costs. Using the WIN-SENSE 32, staff members can quickly allocate telecom costs by department, extension, or account codes. Account codes can also be used to track phone call usage for research and other government grants. Department, extension, and account reports can be automatically e-mailed, printed, or saved for billing and invoicing purposes. Phone accounting lowers costs and increases revenue.

Reduce Telecom Costs

With the WIN-SENSE 32 call logging software, health care organizations can cut costs by decreasing phone abuse, eliminating toll fraud, and optimizing phone system performance. Tracking call patterns and monitoring employee phone usage can substantially reduce telecom expenses.

Hospitals and clinics can decrease phone abuse by monitoring where calls are being made. The WIN-SENSE 32 allows staff members to sort information by call types, including information calls, 900 calls, operator assisted calls, and excessive long distance calls.

Many organizations are victims of toll fraud, or the unauthorized use of a company‚Äôs phone system. To combat toll fraud, health care professionals can setup custom exception reports such as after-hours/weekend activity, long-duration/high-cost calls, short-duration incoming calls and “800” number usage to track “800” to “900” numbers.

Finally, doctors and dentists can save money by having their phone systems optimally trunked. If an organization has too many trunks, they may be overpaying, if they have too few, they may be losing customers. Trunk analysis reports will help organizations analyze current and future telephone needs, and as a result keep their phone system performing at its best.

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