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Call Logging Software

Call logging software from TEL electronics, inc. provides businesses with the ability to track, monitor, and optimize the use of their telephone system. The WIN-SENSE 32 call logging software, for example, can collect SMDR phone data from one or multiple PBX systems and turn that data into meaningful reports. Managers can run call tracking reports by extension, department, account code, or phone number. Large organizations use the call logging software to gather call data from multiple offices and locations. Used by all kinds of businesses, the WIN-SENSE 32 call logging software provides a way for managers to account for and bill telephone calls by location, call type, or account.

With the new release of the WIN-SENSE 32 v3.0 call logging software, businesses have more options than ever before. Below are just a few features of TEL’s new call logging software:

WIN-SENSE 32 Call Logging Software Features Include:

  • Automatic Email of PDF Reports
  • SMDR collection via IP, File, or Serial Connection
  • Client-Server Capabilities
  • Works with Single or Multiple PBX Systems
  • Easy Scheduling of Reports
  • Interfaces to Most PBX Systems (click for list)
  • Easy SMDR and Organization Setup
  • Detail and Summary Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Extension, Department, and Account Code Reports
  • Trunk Usage Reports
  • Phone Number or Area Code Reports
  • 911 and Other Alarms
  • Markup and Surcharge Capabilities
  • Ability to integrate with QuickBooks (learn more)

Call logging software from TEL electronics, inc. provides flexible, accurate, and meaningful information for government agencies, schools, RV parks, apartments, assisted living centers, and sales organizations,. Learn more about the WIN-SENSE 32 call logging software by viewing the WIN-SENSE 32 product page. View screenshots, presentations, features, reports, and system requirements. Ask our dealers, the WIN-SENSE call logging software is the best call logging software available.

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