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Tapit Call Accounting vs. WIN-SENSE 32 Call Accounting

Tapit call accounting software is one of many call accounting systems available to businesses. While Tapit call accounting has many good features, there are better, lower cost solutions such as the WIN-SENSE 32 call accounting software from TEL electronics, inc.

By simply comparing the features of the Tapit call accounting system with the WIN-SENSE call accounting system, you will notice that the WIN-SENSE 32 is a better bargain for your money. With the new release of the WIN-SENSE 32 v3.0, businesses have more options than ever before. Below are just a few features of TEL’s new call accounting software:

WIN-SENSE 32 Features Include:

  • Automatic Email of PDF Reports
  • SMDR collection via IP, File, or Serial Connection
  • Client-Server Capabilities
  • Works with Single or Multiple PBX Systems
  • Easy Scheduling of Reports
  • Interfaces to Most PBX Systems (click for list)
  • Easy SMDR and Organization Setup
  • Detail and Summary Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Extension, Department, and Account Code Reports
  • Trunk Usage Reports
  • Phone Number or Area Code Reports
  • 911 and Other Alarms
  • Markup and Surcharge Capabilities
  • Ability to integrate with QuickBooks (learn more)

While Tapit call accounting software is an option for some organizations, be sure to do your research. Learn why TEL’s call accounting solutions beat competitor products. View screenshots, presentations, features, reports, and system requirements. Ask our dealers, the WIN-SENSE call accounting software is a better solution for businesses than the Tapit call accounting system.

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