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Telecom Auditing

What is a Telecom Audit?

A telecom audit is a financial examination of all of your organization’s telecommunication expenses. When performing a telecom audit, professional auditors will often look at your local telephone bills, long distance invoices, wireless services, internet and VoIP bills, and current tariff charges. While some organizations will charge thousands of dollars to perform a telecom audit for you, the WIN-SENSE 32 from TEL electronics, inc. can provide many of the same valuable solutions at a fraction of the cost.

What are the Benefits of Auditing your Telecom Expenses?

Telecom expenses often account for 5-20% of a company’s annual expenses. This can represent thousands and even millions of dollars for corporations and businesses each year. By performing a telecom audit, businesses can learn where their losing money and how to cut expenses. One auditing company claimed that you could save up to 45% by performing a telecom audit.

Benefits of a Telecom Audit:

  • Identifies possible phone abuse and toll fraud
  • Allows you to create a telecom budget and allocate expenses accordingly
  • Gives a snapshot of your phone system and the trunks that are being under or overused
  • Helps improve employee productivity by looking at which extensions/employees are underperforming
  • Shows when your peak call times are so you can respond to your customers in a timely fashion
  • Helps you identify possible billing errors
  • Allows you to optimize surcharges for client invoices

How is a Telecom Audit Performed?

With the WIN-SENSE 32, you can perform your own telecom audit by analyzing each extension, department, and/or account within your businesses. Some reports that are helpful include:

  • Department Summary Reports
  • Extension Summary Reports
  • Most Expensive Calls Report
  • Longest Call Report
  • Call Type Reports
  • Trunk Summary Reports
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