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I have been a WIN-SENSE user since 1997. Fortis Clearing America is a division of Fortis Bank. We lease office space for Fortis Bank to stockbrokers in Chicago and one of their amenities is telephone service. We use the WIN-SENSE to store, track, and charge the stockbroker for using the telephone when working their accounts.

The WIN-SENSE is a much different and better product than it was in 1997. I have kept my WIN-SENSE current by upgrading to the latest revisions every few years. The WIN-SENSE is a very user-friendly system and I have been very pleased with its operation and ease-of-use. I self-taught myself on the WIN-SENSE and because of its simple programmability and straight-forward manipulation of data, I have never needed any assistance from TEL. The WIN-SENSE is “INSPIRING” to me because it is so easy. I wish more software products were like the WIN-SENSE and I would highly recommend the WIN-SENSE to any company that is looking to keep in touch with their telephone use. I am fortunate to have found TEL’s WIN-SENSE and I expect to be a WIN-SENSE fan for many years to come. Thanks for creating such a great product TEL!

Aaron Roberts
Telecommunications Manager
Fortis Clearing Americas LLC
Chicago, Illinois

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