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“I have been a TEL electronics’ INN-FORM XL user for 18 years and I have been extremely happy and satisfied with your call accounting system. The INN-FORM XL has created revenue base for my property for a long, long time. I have probably paid for the system several hundred times over. Although the revenue on the system isn’t as high as it has been in the past, it still makes me a good profit and works flawlessly with my Micros PM System. In the 18 years, I have not had one instance when I had to have your system worked on or serviced. I would recommend the INN-FORM XL to all properties and I welcom a call from any of your current or potential clients to discuss with me how GREAT the INN-FORM XL is! I will for sure ge a new INN-FORM XL, well, once this one dies. I am looking forward to our relationship over the next 18 years. I never heard of a computer lasting 18 years, much less working flawlessley for 18 years.. maybe you could give Microsoft, IBM, DELL, HP, and some other companies a few pointers? Thanks again TEL!”

Kirit Patel
General Manager
Holiday Inn Express
St. Augustine, FL

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