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Call Tracking

What does it mean to track phone calls?

To track a phone call means to create a call record for each call made or recieved and then to be able to access that call record at a future time. Each call record contains the employee extension number, the phone number dialed, the destination of the call, the time and duration of the call, the trunk number, and any charges attached to the call.

What can you learn from phone call tracking?

Businesses that learn to track phone calls and properly analyze the reports produced by the call tracking software, can improve employee productivity, decrease telecom costs, and improve phone system performance. Read the following examples to learn more about how a call tracking system from TEL can help your business.

Call Tracking Example 1:

Many employees in the sales department say they are doing their best and that they are constantly on the phone prospecting for new clients. Without carefully watching over them all day, you wouldn’t know if this is true or not. However, with call tracking software, such as the WIN-SENSE 32, you can know exactly who is and who isn’t meeting your call requirements. The WIN-SENSE 32 allows you see detail and summary reports for each employee and department, allowing you to see who your most productive employees are.

Call Tracking Example 2:

Your company has seen a dramatic increase in telephone expenses over the past few months and you have been given the charge to investigate the matter. With a call tracking system from TEL electronics, inc. you can quickly identify why your business has seen an increase in costs. Using the WIN-SENSE 32 you can identify possible phone abuse, allocate telecom expenses by department, quickly see what the most expensive calls are, and see who is making the longest calls. All of these things will help you determine how to lower costs.

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